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Reduction in the number of Unfair Dismissal Cases

Posted November 21, 2016 - Helen in Discrimination & news

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It’s not a surprise to hear in the news recently that the number of Unfair Dismissal cases have reduced dramatically under the Tribunal fee system.

The Trade Union Congress has reported that there has been a 73% drop in the number of Unfair Dismissal claims being taken to Tribunal. There were also reductions in the number of discrimination cases on the grounds of sex (71%), race (58%) and disability (54%).

In the 2012-13 period the number of claims to tribunal averaged 16,000 a month, compared to last year which were around 7,000 per month.

Kim says: “The fees would have been a deterrent for many to pursue a claim, although this is not the only factor to consider as there is financial help available for low income earners who need to take a case to a Tribunal. In our experience, we have found that there are still unfair dismissal and discrimination cases but they are being managed at the outset, using the ACAS early conciliation process and are being settled early.”

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