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Are you where you want to be?

Posted November 7, 2016 - Helen in Life Coaching

HaytonHeyes Are you where you want to be

Remember that Back to School feeling? That mixture of excitement, nervousness and anticipation of what’s to come?

As our youngsters have recently headed back to their classroom after the summer and half term break, many adults are wishing that they were also having similar feelings but sadly the reality is quite different for many.

Recent data from CV-Library reported that 82% of workers have said that they would take a pay cut if they were to get the job they always dreamed off. A staggering 89% of UK employees dream of turning their hobbies into work, but in reality only 3% ever follow through on these dreams.

Are you one of those people that has dreams of changing career paths, and turning an activity you enjoy into paid work? Do you wistfully look at your peers carrying out that type of work, but feel that you haven’t got the guts or the opportunity to try this for yourself? Are you wishing right now that you were in the gym working as a personal trainer, or taking photographers professionally? Are you inspired by JK Rowling and yearn to be a writer or do you watch The Great British Bake Off and covet a life as a pastry chef? Or perhaps it’s something else? Whatever it is, it’s understandable that many people don’t know where to start and feel daunted with worries of financial and family commitments and how it will pan out.

You are not alone in feeling this way.  You wouldn’t be the only one to keep those ideas as dreams, never following them or even talking about them to loved ones.  But what if it could work out? Dreams and ambitions can be fulfilled – take the plunge, why not have a go, allow yourself the time to dream and with some guidance and encouragement, who knows what you might achieve.

Take that first step and talk to Kim Hayton, a qualified Life Coach and you may find yourself embarking on a whole new adventure – one you’ve been dreaming of.

Call Kim on 01925 758702 or email Kimh@haytonheyes.co.uk


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