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Outsourced HR Services

What we DON’T do at HaytonHeyes is JUST send you forms to fill in yourself or a list of your options when it comes to dealing with HR issues, leaving you to decide what on earth you should do!

What we DO really well is walk you properly through your options and the potential outcome of each, agree the best one on balance for your business and then support you fully through the whole process.

  • Outsourced HR services – full service or support service – monthly retained or ad-hoc
  • Health Check – reviewing your employee handbook, policies and procedures ensuring they are up to date with legal requirements and reflect your business needs
  • Mediation – we can provide workplace mediation
  • Outplacement – we can offer outplacement support which is designed to help people move on. This could be for those having to leave a company due to redundancy or retirement and is designed to help them consider their options and make decisions about their future.
  • Recruitment services – from preparation of job specifications through to selection, interviewing and induction of new employees in your business
  • Tupe – to ensure smooth transition of the processes and employees from one company to another
  • Interim Projects – covering holiday, maternity or sickness periods, or just when you need additional support on a particularly HR project.

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